Word: Neologism

I loved the game Myst and while looking at games created by Cyan, ran across the name of one called “Obduction,” which appears to be a neologism.  It has a lovely sound to it.  I love the nearly glottal stop of the two mutes, b and d as it moves to the hard stop of the syllable duc and then ends with the “strong breath”  (p.22) of the aspirate shun.  The word has a chew to it.  And I love their definition:  “The act of drawing or laying over, as a covering.”  It appears someone jabberwockygot imaginative with a geologic process and decided to use the sense of the word in another way.

Making up words, like neologisms, or portmanteau are credible tools in writing poetry.  One of the most famous will be Lewis Carroll’s, “Jaberwocky.”  These two tools usually come in to play because the writer needs exactly the right idea transmitted and it doesn’t exist, or needs a sound which resonates.  Other sonic tools, like onomatopoeia, alliteration, etc. will be covered later.  This moment is for examining the beauty of the sounds in the neologistic word, “obduction.”