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About Nettlesting

Nettlesting is a blog about poetics, erotica, and writing in general.  As a one time moderator for poetry on an erotic writing list, I put together weekly exercises and commentary about poetics to share with the list. It is from these exercises that the idea of Nettlesting sprang.  As a collection of comments and summaries of formal, informal, free, and visual verse, it is meant to examine the technical aspects of the craft as well as explore the theme of erotica in poetry.

And now for the pomelette

A Train Wreck of Haiku

not by Nettie Kestler
please steal this and claim it as your own in 2013
not copyrighted because this did not really come from my brain
No way.
Not really.
I need meds.

You know, I never
wrote haiku, but now I do.
They came like a train.

Thrust your cock inside
my vag. Immediately
cherry blossoms weep

Sweet nothing inside
my hot moistyness. Grind. Grind.
I can’t feel the steel.

Thump. Ba-da-da-da
Slap. Ah-ah-ah-ah. Spank.
Swish. Flush. Fall raindrop

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