Poetry Readings – Carol Ann Duffy’s works

I’ve often found that a bad poetry reading can ruin a poem.  I, myself, do not read my poems as well as someone who is an actor.  I’m sharing links to videos and recordings for readings I’ve particularly enjoyed.  But a good reading, or a brilliant one – well, if you do not like poetry, this is a great way to browse, taste, and experience a beautiful poem which otherwise might not make sense to you on the page.

Carol Ann Duffy is the Poet Laureate of Britain.  Her works are accessible because her language is stark, her imagery clear.  Yet, the works are layered.  The connotations, the references, bring to mind unsaid ideas and themes.  Here are a few of her pieces I particularly love.


Yet, Duffy does a wonderful job reading her own work and talking about it.  This is her poem, Premonitions.

If you ever get a chance to read her “World’s Wife” there are some amazing pieces in them. Again, this is a great video which is a prime example of what a good poetry reading looks like. The poem is, “Mrs. Midas

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