Business Cards with poems for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival

So, I had five poems picked up by the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.  I’ll be reading at Seattle City Center in the Exhibition Hall for both the Literary Lair as well as the Aphrodisiac Alley Art Tour.  I wrote two new poems as a response to two invited photographs, one of them by Master of Erotic Art artist Michael Rosen.  I’ll cover those later.

The five poems which were selected and which I’ll be reading are:
Dress Up
Glory Hole
Mowing Hay
Perversities and Curiosity
The Marriage Bed

The pieces are available in the Anthology for the Festival, which can be purchased there, or here at Lulu.

But, as usual, I didn’t “get it together” with my literary work until the last moment.  I didn’t even get this blog going.  My brain gets too full.  Oh, and I still haven’t written my pome fer the day because I’ve been working on my non-card, “business card” idea which turned into a huge fuckin’ deal to try to figure out.  Anyways, no business cards b/c my printer can’t take the card stock and taking the layouts to a printer at this point is ridiculous as they will only print 250 of a single front / back combo and I am changing “the back.”  My idea was to print a poem on the back of a business card.  No go.  So, after much gnashing of teeth and more than 18 hours in front of the PC using various and sundry graphics programs, I have my information printed out on……  wait for it….

seeing redThey are:

The Last Day
The Garden
Robert and Robert
Miami, 1964
As I Lie Here With You
The Fisherman’s Wife
Seeing Red

Just remember – this blog has little or nothing to do with publications / publishing because I don’t know really how to get very organized around it. This is a blog for the craft of writing poetry, and most specifically Erotic poetry, or whoretry, or pornetry… whatever you want to call it. You also won’t find the words “throbbing” or “pulsing” anywhere in here either.

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