NaPoWriMo – Day 2

I got a piece out yesterday.  Today is like strapping myself to a bed of nails.  I could meditate and feel nothing because nothing is what I “feel” like writing.  This is one


of the awesome aspects of NaPo.  You have to frickin’ write.

Off to choose a theme.  The one I’d chosen – death, dying, decay… too morbid.  I’ve got a fairytale which needs rewriting, but I don’t think of that as “fair” for NaPo.  NaPo is about producing fresh work.  It’s about sitting down each day as an act of discipline.  That’s why participating makes so much sense to me.  The piece must be freshly written that day.  I’m not saying that at times I haven’t had an idea which was basically “cooked” – in my head – but I wrote each portion (like 10 line minimum, for example for an extended piece) or each poem new that day.  Revision will come later.

Theme!  Theme!  My kingdom for a theme!  (erm, well, maybe not so much)

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