Why erotic poetry?

Death, misery, love, and joy have been written to dirt and commented upon endlessly, while analogy, allegory,  and connotative verse rim the poetry of human sexual experience.  Rarely is there poetic work which directly expresses raw human desire.  Prose at least has a history even though it is not, for the most part, well written.  Still, it exercised, criticized, read, and commented upon.  It’s alive, even if it is a battered genre being as it is steeped in gymnastics and lurid prose.  Still that makes those occasions where art rises even more brilliant.  Erotic prose has both sides of the equation:  readers and writers.Herculaum - hinds house - wall next to it with frescoes

Erotic poetry, well-crafted poetry, is more often sublime to the point of PG-13, suitable for those who could watch the Harry Potter movies.  The poetry is rarely explicit to hit the category of “R”, much less “X”.  Most work simply doesn’t qualify even as “soft-porn” to modern sensibilities. To find well-written, “transgressive” work?  That is even more difficult.  And while there are fewer writers, it might be difficult to find the readers as well simply for the fact that each magazine

While I am not an academic, and have no desire to be so, I can at least lay claim to the practical trade of engineer.  I read, I deconstruct, I write, I critique, I comment, I come to poetry as a crafts person with a low tolerance for boredom.  I will not spend my time reading work which does not intrigue me.  So, Byron is out for me, and I can barely tolerate Whitman.  Yet, I love many, many other poems and poets.  My intent in this blog is to address both the basics of the craft of poetry as well as the theme of erotica.  I will do what I can but I haven’t the conceit that “I know” shit all about either poetry or erotica.  I will do my technical best in maintaining this blog in the interest of others who might wish some reference to the craft of poetry as well as some considered thoughts about (what I call) “pornetry” or “whoretry” – erotic poetry.  This is my attempt at promoting poetry.

So first stop:  “read more poetry”.  I’ll start a collection of linked works as I find them.

Coming Becomes You, by Dennis Lee

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