Put the kink back in kinky

Why, when we write about sex, must it always be easy?  Why are the women always gushing luv fluids like Old Faithful, the men are hardened steel covered with velvet, wall sex is good sex, and mountains are moved with the force of the coupling couple on their bed?  Why are writers throwing away perfectly good obstacles to overcome in their stories and their poems?  What is the matter with writing about pieces and parts which don’t work?  What happens then?  What can you learn about your characters as they operate in this space?

Why must sex always be easy in our stories or poems?  Why is it that the woman’s always wet, the man is always hard, wall sex is great sex and mountains are moved with all the rolling around a couple does in bed?

ERWA’s *Inside the Erotic Mind* monthly topic of Impotency got me writing again this year.

I was re-reading Brooke Magnanti’s blog, Belle de Jour, and came across this older post about working with people (okay, she’s a sex worker working with people) with disabilities.

It got me going back on a favorite theme of mine, writing about the difficulties people have with sex because it isn’t easy.  The obstacle to be overcome is a real one, so the plot can naturally develop around a physically possible barrier.

What’s it like to have sex after a spinal injury?  How does it work?

or any other disability? (I had this link in my own list) http://www.nearbycafe.com/loveandlust/steinberg/photo/disability.html

And if a woman isn’t gushing luv juice like Old Faithful, what then?

What kind of story / poem can be written

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